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Outdoor Wedding Photography


Weddings are our specialty and it is our mission to help you find the perfect tux or suit for your groom and the entire wedding party! 

We understand that most of you are new and below is what you can expect from this process.


Plan some time to come in and pick out your tuxes.  30-60 minutes is average.  If possible call ahead and let us know you are coming.  Walk ins are welcome, but a heads up is nice!  We suggest you come in a year to 2 months ahead to give your party time to come in and get measured.  If your party is small and this is last minute, do not worry.  Chances are we can still help you!

We suggest your bring your bridesmaid swatches and even have an idea of what you want.  Makes things easier. 


We have 80% of the most popular fits and styles in the shop and we do provide special fittings for the groom.  We want him to feel comfortable and to look good! 


Measurements - are typically 4-6 weeks from the wedding date.  We also prefer that you come in groups if possible.  If you can arrange for the wedding party to come at once, give us a call and we will make sure that we are staffed for the group.

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