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Purchasing Formal Wear

One stop shop to buy New, Used or lightly used tuxedos, suits, shirts, vests, ties, and shoes!


Everything MUST GO!!

Gordon's Toggery has been in business at this location since 1952.  Our business model has always been to have the most popular and classic styles on-site.  We are constantly updating our inventory and looking for homes for the lines we no longer want to carry.  We have donated some of our inventory locally but looking to sell the rest! 


We have used tuxedo items starting at:

shirts $5, shoes $10, wool pants $20, wool jackets $50, backless vests $15, and bows and ties for $10.   


Just come in and see our inventory and even try it on!  

Professional Measurements

We will measure you and fit you here.  No guessing or dealing with the wrong size or fit online.  Our SALE prices include custom fittings of the coat and pant lengths only.  


You will leave with the right fit just as you always have had at Gordon's!  

Clothes salesperson with measuring tape
Patterned Bow Tie

Purchase a New Suit or Tux

We understand where someone would want to own a tux or a suit for multiple occasions. Please reach out to us and inquire.  We have access to new products and would welcome the opportunity to measure and set you up.  The pants, vest and jacket typically run around $350.  

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